Castle Stones

The Castle Stones tiles developed by Maurits Simonette are hand-crafted replicas of original antique marble and limestone tiles which originate from historic mansions, castles and churches.

Inspired by the Renaissance period, old ruins, and historic edifices, these hand-made Castle Stones are produced with innovative blending and compression techniques using pulverized marble, high-grade cement, and pigments. With their look and feel, Castle Stone tiles can hardly be distinguished from antique floorcoverings.

Castle Stones are extremely lightweight and thin from 6 to 8 mm. All tiles and stones are easy to maintain and totally colorfast. Since each element is hand-crafted, every floor layout is one-of-a-kind.

Castle Stones are available in ten different models and nine colors, each with three nuances. The color palette ranges from light beige to dark gray. In the final analysis, the persuasiveness of a new and innovative product with a historical background lies in its aura and the consummate choice of the right materials.